• Performance and Reliability

    High performance Solar Module Tester provides full characterization of any type of solar module with the highest precision.
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  • Customized Products

    Our products ares engineered so that they can be adapted easily to meet any customer requirements.
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  • Innovative Testing Equipments

    contact resistance measurement system of solar cells, which is adaptable to any structure or material.
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Alfartec develops and manufactures high performance testing equipment in the photovoltaïc energy domain, in particular LED solar simulators for cells and module quality control.

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We design and configure our products to perfectly meet the needs of our customers. We provide them innovative integrated solutions.

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High performance SUN SIMULATORS, LEDs or LEDs/Halogens


We focus on the field of photovoltaics and offer our high performance SUN SIMULATORS:

  • A+A+A+ = with the highest accuracy
  • Spectral match with solar spectrum
  • Entirely configurable to characterize perfectly any type of solar cell/module
  • Lamp lifetime > 15000 hours and high energy efficiency = very low cost of ownership
  • Unbeatable Quality-Performance-Price ratio
  • Swiss Quality


Contact us to discuss your needs and get one of our best-in-class simulator!



November 2017 - Publication in PV-Magazine: Shedding light on the latest technologies


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