Alfartec offers three main areas of expertise:

  • Custom made Solar simulators
  • Photovoltaic Testing Equipment
  • Design and manufacture of customized light sources equipments


Solar Simulators

Our high precision solar simulators were mainly designed to make a full characterization of any type of solar cells with the highest precision. It was engineered so that it can be adapted easily to meet any customer requirements.

Our solar simulators are essential in testing labs and research centers. They are in fact necessary for testing any product or material, which should be exposed to sunlight during a short or long period of time.

Apart from solar cell testing, our simulators are then ideal for the following applications:

  • Solar thermal
  • Photobiology / Photochemistry
  • Biomedical
  • Cosmetic testing
  • Paints or Coatings testing

Advantages compared to traditional Xenon or LED-only Cell Testers:

Very Accurate Spectral match

Thanks to the innovative hybrid light sources engineered internally, we are able to tune every wavelength very precisely, thus ensuring the best spectral match over the whole light spectrum.

Adjustable Spectral match

Our sun simulator was developed so that the user can set very easily its own spectral range. This is made possible thanks to the advanced hybrid light sources and the user friendly software interface.

Configurable flash duration

While traditional Xenon lamps allows flashing time below 50 ms, our solar simulators have almost no limitation for flash duration. This capability is in particular needed for high-efficiency solar cells that require long flash durations for getting accurate efficiency measurements of these cells.

High uptime, Long lifetime, and low consumables cost

The liftetime of our lamps is over 15000 hours (compared to a usual lifetime of 1500 hours for Xenon). Besides, several millions of flashs can be expected with our simulator.

Better Energy Efficiency

Our hybrid light sources have a much higher energy efficiency than Xenon, thus reducing the energy costs in operation.

High Accuracy

The advanced electronics measurement module has a high measurement accuracy with a 16-bit resolution.


Photovoltaic Testing Equipment

Alfartec also engineers and manufactures innovative and efficient test equipment for the photovoltaic industry. For this purpose, we work in partnership with several word leading engineering schools and research centers.


Design and manufacture of customized light sources equipment

Whatever your application, we will design and produce light sources, either LED or Hybrid according to your needs. We are also able to engineer and manufacture complete systems, which integrate components such as light sources auto-calibration modules or optical systems.


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