President's word

Dear visitor,

Our area is amazing! Despite the difficulties facing the industry, particularly photovoltaics, there are always people who have an entrepreneurial spirit and develop new products. I was approached by engineers who had this desire and this is with great pleasure that I join them in this new adventure.

Artificial light sources exist since ancient times. For a long time they were used primarily to facilitate people’s lives, but the requirements for the quality of light were not very high. Things have changed. With technological developments, it was necessary to have sources increasingly accurate, both in terms of spatial distribution and spectral distribution. Regarding the latter, the methods used for a long time were to filter those sources that did not produce exactly what was desired. The most recent way is to add up (nearly) monochromatic sources to recompose a set. This path is taking.

Applications of such light sources are numerous and cover large areas, such as lithography, graphics, materials testing, biology, and of course photovoltaics testing. PV testing requires currently the highest standards in order to get an accurate characterization of cells and modules.

Alfartec meets a need and will quickly find confident partners and customers that will allow the company to develop and bring new opportunities for the industry worldwide.

Join us on this journey of innovation!

Pierre-René Beljean




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